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Doorbase Quicksandbag size 120x20cm

Simply immerse in water for 3-5 minutes and squeeze the crystals to ensure even distribution, and your Doorbase Quicksandbag (also known as instant sandbags) will activate and be ready for use.

The specially designed long and thin shape allows our Doorbase Quicksandbag to be positioned along the bottom of the door. For maximum protection we recommend that additional standard size Quicksandbags are also used, please click here to buy standard size Quicksandbags online.

Quicksandbags are also known as inflatable sandbags, Quicksandbags are alternative sandbags that can be used instead of traditional sandbags. Quicksandbags are much easier to store than heavy and bulky traditional sandbags and are ideal to keep in a cupboard to give peace of mind knowing you are prepared should a flood occur.

Available in quantities of between 5 - 92. For larger quantities please contact us or call 0800 612 9637

The video shows how to activate our Quicksandbags or just click the link to download our user guide.


Is this an emergency?
Call us now to arrange 24/7 delivery of sandbags* on 07769 930445.

If you have questions, email us here.

Download our guide on using sandbags here.


* Emergency fees for sandbags. 
Call out fee of £500 applies for out of hours arrangements + delivery + cost of sandbags.

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