Why Should You Buy Ventilated Bags?

Why Should You Buy Ventilated Bags?


Whilst standard FIBC bags have an endless list of uses and benefits, have you considered buying and using a ventilated bag instead?

These bags come with a range of different advantages for your business, which we are about to tell you! Whilst they are similar to our standard FIBC bags and are classed in the same group of bags, these are modified to help even more!

Along each of the sides of this bag, vented strips run vertically to provide ventilation to the product inside. Standard FIBC bags provide airflow to the produce inside, however vented bags provide additional ventilation meaning moisture will not build up and spoil the goods inside.


What can I store in my ventilated bags?

There’s an endless list of possible materials you can fill your ventilation bags up with, but there’s a smaller list of produce which can really benefit from these bags.

Starting this list off with no other item than potatoes! Anybody who has left their potatoes in their plastic bags hidden in the cupboard will understand that potatoes sprout quickly and turn mouldy. Once they begin to truly sprout, understandably nobody wants to eat them. After all, the sprouts are toxic, so it’s best you don’t!

But if you store your potatoes in a ventilated bag which is kept in a dark room, you can guarantee that you will not be throwing your potatoes out as quickly. This is because potatoes require a sufficient amount of airflow as this will reduce the amount of moisture building up and spoiling your spuds!

As well as keeping your potatoes well ventilated, firewood is another great material to store in ventilation bags.

Starting a fire can be difficult if there is moisture still present in the wood. To remove the moisture, they should be left to dry out naturally whilst being protected from unpredictable elements of British weather. This is where a ventilated bag comes in handy as the wood will be able to dry out whilst being protected from the weather!

 Ventilated Big Bag

Specifications of a ventilated bag

Along with ventilation strips fitted to the side of the bags, custom bags can be ordered which are fitted with a specialised emptying and filling spout. This will make it much easier for you to fill and empty as opposed to standardised FIBC bags without either of these fitted.

One fact which you may not know about the ventilated bags could change your mind and make you go out and purchase them today! Especially if you grow your own potatoes.

If you are a potato grower, you may well know the frustration you are faced with when you find that your potatoes have become discoloured. Once this has happened, your potatoes value will decrease dramatically, in some instances becoming unfit for selling!

But using a ventilated bag means that your potatoes will be protected from any discolouration and sunburn. Don’t lose all the hard work you put in to growing your potatoes to find you can’t sell them. Protect your spuds with our ventilated bags.

If you only need a small bag for your firewood, our 46x46x93cm ventilated bag is perfect for you! Alternatively, if you hold a lot of firewood at once, we have just the bag for you. 97x97x100cm fully vented with a SWL of 1000kg. This bag is made from durable, tough material which is capable of holding its shape well and provides a great material for printing.

If you buy ventilated bags, you will not be disappointed and will realise how much these bags can Improve your life.

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