Launching Brick Covers

Why Use Brick Covers?

In colder months, when working in chillier conditions, it is recommended to take precautions to avoid potential problems, especially when laying bricks or blocks in temperature below 5°C. Ensure you adequately cover your opened stacks of bricks and blocks throughout the winter months. You can easily do this by using LC Packaging brick covers which will protect them from the elements such as rain, snow, and frost.

Whether on a construction site or undertaking a significant DIY project, it isn’t uncommon to see bricks in stacked rows, unprotected, and often as risk of toppling over in high winds.

When laid, frost can cause damage to bricks and blocks that have been saturated with water. This is why it is in your best interests to either cover them or give them time to dry out.

Not only is this potentially bad for the structural integrity of the bricks, but it can also can pose a health and safety risk for any brick layer, construction worker, or even passers by who come into close proximity to the stacks.

If a stack does fall over, whether completely, or just the top section there will be a noticeable amount of lost material (smashed or damaged bricks) which may need to be replaced if there is no surplus left to complete the project. This can be particularly frustrating as you may need to buy more – putting an added cost on your project.

What’s the solution?

The answer to this problem is brick covers! Also known as brick jackets and brick blankets, weather protection is the primary function with increased stack stability a major second.  An instable brick stack is a potential danger to site workers and passers by. There are also financial implications to damaged bricks if the traditional 10% spare is exceeded.

LC Packaging Brick Covers

Danny Price (located at LC Packaging’s Long Sutton office) has developed LC Packaging’s very own range of brick covers. These covers are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. They surround and shield a brick stack from external hazards and rain. Measuring 50cm x 50xm and 75cm in height, they are the perfect size to safely secure bricks in an upright manner.

The covers have two handles at the base which can be secured with a weight, such as a brick.

With existing brick covers only normally available in high visibility yellow, our brick covers are fully customisable, allowing our customers to choose any colour and to have their logo printed too (minimum order 800 units).  If you’d like to discuss our brick covers and the value they will add to your construction project, call us on 01406 362511 or email

We have recently joined the Builders Merchants Federation and will be advertising our range of FIBCs including the new brick covers in the autumn edition of their magazine.


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