FIBC For Firewood

Why Use FIBC Bulk Bags For Firewood?

Logs to burn; logs to burn;
Logs to save the coal a turn.
Here's a word to make you wise
when you hear the woodman's cries;
Never heed his usual tale
That he's splendid logs for sale
But read these lines and really learn
The proper kind of logs to burn.

The above poem attributed to Honor Goodhart and published in Punch in October 1920 that tells the praises of different wood types and how they burn when used in a domestic fireplace. It would have been well known to some of those above a certain age who grew up with real fires in their household.

With the ever present demand for a ‘real’ fire in their home, there are important lessons in the correct storage and seasoning of your firewood.


Don’t hold the seasoning

Freshly cut firewood retains a lot of moisture and cannot in most cases simply be chopped and used straight away, there is a (depending on the wood) long drying process called ‘seasoning’,

Moist firewood doesn’t burn well if at all and you need to know that the wood you’ve bought or prepared your self is fit to keep you and your loved ones warm. Selling unseasoned, wet firewood is a good reason to never return to that seller as if you must season it yourself for six months then it’s unfit for purpose.

Seasoning is a basically the process of drying out your freshly cut wood for the purpose of using it as fuel for your fire. When freshly cut trees are harvested the wood retains a lot of moisture and isn’t fit for burning at this point. Therefore, it needs to be stored properly so the moisture can evaporate over a season or two and so the wood can breathe.

 FIBC Bags For Firewood-A Pile Of Firewood

FIBCs for Storage, Transporting and Seasoning

Flexible intermediate bulk containers or FIBCs are a superb way for firewood companies to streamline the process of seasoning, storing and transporting.

Pack your freshly cut firewood into our vented bags and you can save a further step! Manufactured using our newly developed unique mesh fabric that provides close to 100% ventilation, the fabric allows the wood or logs to season quickly and they can then be delivered to your customer without any repacking.


This ventilated big bag is fitted with large 30cm tipping loops at the base allowing the bag to be emptied easily for reuse.

The mesh fabric is durable and tough and the filled bag holds its shape well. The ventilated mesh fabric also provides an excellent surface for printing and top quality printing in up to three colours is available subject to a minimum order quantity.

Use vented bags on site to transport the freshly cut logs and then store whilst seasoning them back at your business premises to guarantee your customers the best quality, seasoned firewood to keep them warm all winter!

Saving time on three steps of the process saves you money as well and it’s your phone number that your customers will be saving to repeat buy your best quality firewood, year after year!

Labels are easily attached to our bags for those customers who need to know the type of wood that they’re buying from you, for example people with barbecue smokers in their back gardens will be looking for best quality apple, peach and cherry wood. Alternatively, being light in colour our FIBCs can be written on with marker pen if necessary


Let Us Help You Find The Right Bag

We at LC Packaging understand that not every bag fits every job so it’s important to us that you get the right bag for your application. Contact us today and we can discuss your needs with you and find the right bag for you.

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