10 Top Facts You May Not Have Known About FIBC bags!

FIBC Bags - Top Facts...

You are almost guaranteed to have come across an FIBC bag in your life, whether out on your travels, at work, in the shop, or online. After all, they have a use for almost any industry out there!

Whilst you may think that they are just a very large white bag, we have provided you with 10 interesting facts which you may not have known about.

Big Bags

1.   They are in fact not waterproof!

Unfortunately, whilst these bags are extremely practical for a number of different uses, holding liquid is not one of them.

Due to the way these bags are manufactured, water is able to seep out through the weaves of polypropylene. This means that any liquid inside will not stay inside for very long! They are however moisture proof and can reduce moisture entering and contaminating the goods inside.


2. They aren’t just known as FIBC bags

If you looked at this blog and did not know what a bulk bag was, you may know them as one of their many other names! In fact, they have 10 names! These are:


  1. FIBC bags
  2. Big bags
  3. Bulk bags
  4. Builder’s bags
  5. Jumbo bags
  6. Bulk tote
  7. Super sack (Super Sack is trademarked by BAG Corp.)
  8. Bulk sack
  9. One Ton Bag (One Ton Bag is trademarked by OneTonBag LLC)
  10. Super bag


So, if you are looking for your very own bag, be prepared for 10 names to be used. We use FIBC bags so there is no confusion over on our website!


3. SF has a very important meaning!

If you have purchased an FIBC bag or looked at purchasing one, you may have noticed SF with a ratio labelled and wondered what this means and if it is relevant.

These two letters and two numbers are in fact very relevant and should be paid attention to prior to using! Safety Factor! Often “SF” will be accompanied with another abbreviation, SWL. This means safe working load and works hand in hand with safety factor.

Now we are aware about the meaning of these abbreviations, it leads us to explain the ratio.

For example, our 100x100x200cm FIBC bag has a SWL of 1000kg and a SF of 5:1. This means that this bag has been tested to withstand 5 times its weight before it broke. Whilst the safe working load is 1000kg, its safety factor has been tested up to 5000kg.

You should still listen to the SWL and prevent overloading your bags.


4. Logo It Up!

Are you aware that you can personalise your FIBC bag fittingly to your business?

Certain companies are able to place your logo or brand name on the front of your FIBC bags by printing the material. Even better, the material is ink proof so there is no need to fret about ink seeping through or smearing.

Let everyone know your business with your very own FIBC bags!


FIBC Bag With Logo

5. Size and style to suit everybody

There is a bag for every occasion. With so many different features to choose from, you will struggle to narrow it down!

Our team at LC Packaging provide our clients with 22 different FIBC bags. Are you interested to see if we have a bag suitable for you? Check out our website to find out!


6. The meaning of FIBC

If you call them FIBC bags regularly and are unsure the full definition, we are about to tell you!





Now, if anybody asks you the meaning of FIBC, you can tell them!


7. Don’t throw your used FIBC bags away

If you are finished using your FIBC bags and they are no longer fit for your purpose, do not throw them away! Instead, recycle them!

In the Netherlands, we will take in your used FIBC bags and recycle them in house. So far, we have recycled 909.5 Mt of polypropylene in house. With all of this, we have managed to recondition 50,000 bags through our WorldBag Reconditioning service!  In the UK, however, we must reply on other recycling companies that will collect these bags and recycle them. m

We love making a different to the environment and we have prevented 50,000 bags ending up in landfill!


8. Make a difference to the environment

These bags are eco-friendly!

That’s right, you heard it, these bags are eco-friendly! Providing these bags are used appropriately, they can last for a considerable amount of time with multiple uses! Once they have come to the end of their days, there are many UK recycling companies that will collect these bags and recycle them!


9. Safety is key

Incorrect handling of heavy goods can have a seriously detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing.

Using FIBC bags to transport and move around heavy goods will save your back and prevent injuries and accidents. Instead use a forklift or teleporter to transport your heavy goods items.


10.  A bag with a spout

Do you need bags which make emptying much easier?

These bags are just the ones for you! With a selection of FIBC bags fitted with. an emptying spout, your job has never been easier!

FIBC bags which have an emptying spout fitted are a revelation for all companies requiring this. There is no more trying to empty it by hand or tip them upside down, instead all you need to do is open up the spout at the bottom and watch the content pour out! Voila!

Now you know 10 great top facts all about FIBC bags and the many uses, names, and safety features.

You are now prepared if a question appears in your next family quiz or in the pub about FIBC bags!

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